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Last version: 1.00

Bunny Invasion is arcade 3rd-person shooter.
Warning! Intruders detected!
Frightfully fluffy bunnies invaded your garden.
You must stop them with your 150-charging Univaser.
Be cautious and aim good! Just five animals can devour all your harvest.

Screen shots:
Click shot to view large image

Aim by mouse,
Fire - left mouse button,
Reload - right mouse button,
M - on/off music,
F4 - fullscreen/windowed mode.

Game-design, art, animation, programming, sounds and music by Dmitry Kurbanau (aka Sneg).
Text editing by Costa Nalobin (aka nailbombin).
Engine: Game Maker 7.0 Free Version.

Download (v.1.00):
- from YoYoGames site
- soon: from The Pirat Bay

- Bunny Invasion page on YoYoGames.
- Easter eggs: send summary 666 souls in da hell, to take infernal present.
- soon: download Bunny Invasion soundtrack (mp3).


If you wanna propose job contact me. Link to my portfolio.

Thanks to:
Dj Dime Francisk, damned yo-yo games, blessed The Pirate Bay, Ferritos, Friedrich Perls, Mom and Dad.
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